What are the current rules for school groups travelling to and from France?

— 14 Jan 2022 09:11:11 by Kate Moore

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This is our understanding of the rules to enter France from 14 January 2022. COVID-19 rules are subject to change and may be different by the time your trip departs.

Are school trips to France allowed in 2022?

From 14 January 2022, fully vaccinated travellers from the UK no longer need an essential reason to visit France. This means that school trips to France are allowed once more. 

French entry requirements 

Fully vaccinated travellers no longer need an essential reason to visit France. 

The entry rules for fully vaccinated teachers in the group are extended to children travelling with them, whether the children are vaccinated or not.

Everyone in the group aged 12 years and over will need to present a negative PCR or lateral flow test result taken within 24 hours pre-departure.

All travellers must complete this sworn statement certifying the absence of COVID-19 symptoms and of any contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

To see the rules for travellers from the UK see the French Consulate website which has information in both English and French.

Passe Sanitaire/Health Pass requirements in France

The French government plans to tighten up the Passe Sanitaire, which allows access to public transport and hospitality venues, as follows:

  • France is replacing the Passe Sanitaire with a Vaccine Pass for adults. This means that anyone aged 16 or older must be fully vaccinated to visit hospitality and cultural venues. 
  • The Passe Sanitaire is expected to remain for school groups aged 12-15 years. This pass is required for activities and excursions outside our centres. Unvaccinated/partly children will need a private COVID test every 24 hours to gain this pass. 

To avoid daily testing in France everyone in the group needs to get fully vaccinated as soon as they are allowed. Read more about the vaccination requirements for children travelling to France.

Note that 12-15 year olds will not need a pass while they remain in a dedicated school centre, such as Château de la Baudonnière or La Grand’ Ferme, but the pass will be required for any off-site trips and excursions. 

Support with testing on your trip

If tests are still required for unvaccinated children by the time you travel, we'll support you in accessing these tests. 

Groups staying at our centres can access tests conducted on-site by local nurses to reduce the impact on your stay. Each antigenic test will cost €15 and we will need a legal guardian to sign a test consent form and authorise the party leader to collect the results.

Current rules for school groups returning from France

The Department for Transport has confirmed that children returning to England with a fully vaccinated teacher as part of a school trip will benefit from the same rules as the fully vaccinated adult, regardless of their vaccination status.

The testing and quarantine rules for groups returning from a French trip abroad have changed. Read the current rules for returning to the UK from abroad. 

Can I travel to France if I'm unvaccinated?

Unless fully vaccinated, adults cannot enter France without a compelling reason to visit the country. Unvaccinated children aged from 12 years can visit France but will need to take additional tests to participate in offsite activities.

Party leaders should factor vaccinations into their plans and make sure that all children have enough time to get the jabs needed for their French trip. We have written an article on the vaccination rules for France which you can share with parents.

More information from the COVID-19 Travel Hub

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