French Learning Programme at La Grand'Ferme

A week immersed in French language & culture around historic Mont Saint-Michel 

Our French immersion programmes at La Grand' Ferme are suitable for all French learners from beginners to GCSE level. Our approach immerses your students in the language so that they only hear, see and use French throughout their trip, while exploring the attractions and highlights of this historic area. Our dedicated French-native animateurs will be your guides and activity leaders, accompanying your group throughout their stay. To create an immersive experience for your group, all on-site activities, cultural excursions, language lessons, mealtimes and evening entertainment are be carried out in French.

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A week immersed in French language and culture

  • Your students will only hear and speak French throughout their stay which means they’ll have maximum exposure to the language during their trip
  • Constant opportunities to use French in a real-world setting so that your students see the benefits of learning a second language and enjoy the experience of understanding and being understood in French
  • By practising with French-native animateurs, your students will improve their listening skills, grow their vocabulary, and learn to pronounce like a native-speaker
  • Your students' confidence will soar as our highly-experienced animateurs encourage even the most reticent children to have a go and use their French in fun and supportive environment
climbing normandy school adventure trip

French language immersion programme at La Grand' Ferme

Developed over 20 years, our French immersion programme has been tested and refined to create a memorable and immersive experience which is shown to improve pupils' language confidence and understanding.  

But this is a school trip, and so it is also designed to be fun, create lasting memories, foster new friendships, deliver new experiences and grow confidence. 

Our French programme will be tailored to meet the age, interests and French level of your specific group. All programmes offer a packed week of guided day trips with an animateur where students can explore Normandy’s famous historical sites, visit its natural landmarks, and experience our local culture. All activities are conducted in French to create a truly immersive language experience and provide a real-life context to their French learning. Our experienced team also offer some onsite activities such as French bread-making.. 

Learning doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Our animateurs will also deliver a fun-packed evening programme, in French, to keep your group occupied. Favourite evening activities include circus skills, treasure hunt, French quiz night and French movie night. 

All meals are eaten French-style, to encourage children to try something new, with menus and instructions in French.


Sample itinerary

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:15am   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast

French market mission 

Morning exploring Mont Saint-Michel with your animateur

Postcard writing

French bread making

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
12:30pm   Packed lunch Packed lunch Lunch

Lunch at Colleville-sur-Mer 

14:15–17:00pm Arrive Tour of local goat's cheese farm

Guided bay walk including 'quick sand' experience in the afternoon

Avranches French town trail 

Transfer to port for ferry crossing
17:00-18:00pm   Journalling Journalling Journalling  
18:00pm Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner  
19:30–21:00pm Tour Swimming or French quiz (depending on season) Circus skills lesson in French French fancy dress soirée  

What teachers have to say about the the learning programme

"The girls have raved about the food, the staff and the activities, and all the parents are delighted.Your knowledge of the area is impressive, so on our various trips the stories, worksheets and general patter is always interesting and pitched at just the right level.The excellent staff/pupil ratio meant the girls were safe and well-occupied throughout the day."

Head of MFL at Sarum Hall School


Why choose us for your French school trip to Normandy?

French immersion works

Developed over 20 years, our approach to French teaching creates a truly immersive experience that is shown to improve learning and confidence.

We’re here for you

Our local managers are on hand 24/7 to look after the individual needs of your group and deliver the best experience every time you visit.

Schools return to us year after year

Our French language residentials offer the highest quality instruction and care which is why 8 out of 10 school groups return each year.

Animateurs are “like having another teacher on the trip”

All school group activities are led by our own French-native animateurs who are skilled at encouraging even the most reticent learner to use their French.

Authentic French experiences

As part of the local community, with ties across the region, we offer an authentic French cultural experience during your group's stay.

A French programme to suit your learning objectives

Looking for onsite adventure activities? The chance to experience authentic local culture? Or an escorted tour of Normandy's rich history and landmarks? We have a French trip to suit.