Normandy Experience - Learning Language Locally

French language learning with a difference – and it works!

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Normandy Experience - Learning Language Locally
Normandy Experience - Learning Language Locally
Normandy Experience - Learning Language Locally
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Language Immersion and Cultural Tour For Schools

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The Normandy Experience programme allows students to experience the local culture of Normandy through a series of excursions and visits that can be adapted for students of preparatory, primary, middle, secondary and sixth form students and for every level of French including complete beginner. 

The Normandy experience programme is more visit based than the Chateau residential trip, excursions that can include Bayeux, Mont St. Michel and local markets, goats cheese farm, North Normandy landing beaches and many more. Please see the visits page for further details and all your options. Your Normandy experience will also include one day or two half days of activities at Chateau de la Baudonniere which will include activities such as archery, climbing, fencing, initiative exercises and many more.

School groups stay in one of our Normandy centres such as Etoile de la Mer or Villa Eole with one of our special trained animateurs who will be with you and your group throughout your tour. The animateur will help to create a French language immersion experience for your group and will get your pupils listening to French and speaking it. This will be supported by our Normandy Experience workbook which will be completed in French by each pupil during the stay.


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Benefits of our 'Normandy Experience'

Choose your Excursions:

Normandy is a rich region with great visits – We arrange your visits and our knowledgeable staff come with you.

French is Fun!

The pupils enjoy activities such as orienteering, archery, fencing and climbing while they learn French at the same time.

Comprehensive Resources:

We have 25 French staff in our team in Normandy, all ready to help you in any way they can.

Unbeatable Value:

Given what we provide, we really think that our prices represent excellent value.

Don’t worry:

Even with groups who are complete beginners in French – it works.

Personal Attention:

You will have your own tour manager in France who spends the whole time with you and your group.

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