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Do children need to be vaccinated to visit the Chateau?

— 14 Mar 2022 10:23:00 by Kate Moore

Teenage students outside the chateau

Children aged 12 years and over can now prove their COVID status via the digital NHS COVID Pass, making it easier for school groups to travel in 2022. Read on to understand the travel rules for unvaccinated and partly vaccinated children, what France considers "fully vaccinated" and how children can prove their vaccine status in France.

What are the vaccination rules for French school trips?  

Adults and children no longer need to be vaccinated to visit France.

Unvaccinated travellers aged 12 years and over are required to present a negative COVID test result before departing for France.

Pre-departure tests are not required for fully vaccinated travellers, children under the age of 12 years, or unvaccinated travellers who have a COVID recovery certificate. 

See our summary of the French travel rules for details. 

How do children demonstrate their COVID status for school trips to France?

Since 3 February, children aged 12 years and over can prove their COVID status via the digital NHS COVID Pass.  

Children will need to register for an NHS log-in to obtain a digital NHS COVID Pass. They can do this themselves or a parent or guardian can register on their behalf. The verification process can take a few days and so parents should allow plenty of time to set up the NHS app before the trip. 

To use the digital NHS COVID Pass as proof of COVID-19 recovery, the infection must be confirmed with a PCR test to ensure there is a record on file. Proof of COVID-19 recovery will be shown on the NHS COVID pass between 10 and 180 days after the positive PCR test. 

What does France consider fully vaccinated?

To be considered fully vaccinated, and avoid pre-departure tests, children from 12 years need to have had a full course of vaccinations. Adults will need a booster if their vaccination course was completed more than nine months before.  

Do children need to be vaccinated to stay at the Chateau or visit offsite excursions?

No, all French COVID HealthPass rules were lifted on 14th March 2022 which means that children and adults no longer need to demonstrate their COVID status to visit attractions and indoor venues.

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