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If you have pupils who travel on Non-UK or Non-EU passports, you should direct their parent/guardian to the following website to check whether or not they require a visa for their stay at the Chateau (French Embassy, London)

Please note that the purpose of the visit will be short stay tourist, non-professional – your pupils will not be ‘students’ in France as they are not attending a French educational institution.

For more detailed or further information please contact your nearest French Embassy or Consulate by telephone, letter or fax.

British Council

The British Council issues the List of Travellers (or Visa Waiver Form) form in the UK, for school trips to countries in the European Union (EU) for pupils on the trip who are of a non-EU nationality.

The List of Travellers form allows the pupils to go on the trip without getting a visa. If the pupils on a trip are all from the UK or EU countries then the form isn’t needed.

Please note: The form cannot completely guarantee entry into a country. It is used instead of a visa but even a visa does not completely guarantee entry into a country. 

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