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— 3 Jan 2022 08:25:09 by Kate Moore

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Peace Of Mind Promise - extra booking flexibility in case your plans have to change because of COVID-19

Now that the DfE has given schools the greenlight to book French trips, our COVID-19 Peace of Mind Promise gives you all the flexibility and reassurance you need to plan your return to our language centres with confidence.

Our COVID-19 Peace of Mind Promise provides new bookings with additional financial protection in the event of: 

  • The Foreign Office, DfE or international COVID travel restrictions prevent your trip
  • Quarantine restrictions are imposed on fully vaccinated visitors to France, or on your return

The Peace of Mind Promise, alongside our COVID-19 insurance, provides the backup you need in case your trip is impacted by COVID-19. The Peace of Mind Promise applies to all new bookings.

✔️ We'll refund you if your trip is cancelled

If your trip is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, and you are unable to claim from your insurance, then we guarantee to either find you a suitable alternative, or refund your group in full.

How does it work?

If your trip is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, and you are unable to claim from your insurance, then we guarantee to either find you a suitable alternative or refund your group in full if any of the following applies within 21 days of your planned departure:

  • The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to France 
  • The Department for Education recommends against taking school trips to France 
  • France is on the red travel list 
  • Quarantine is required for all fully vaccinated travellers on arrival in France, or, on your return 
  • Local or national lockdowns in the UK will prevent your departure 
  • Local or national restrictions in France will impact the main purpose your trip 

Normal cancellation terms and conditions apply if:

  • You cancel the booking more than 21 days before the group is due to depart 
  • You have not kept up with the agreed payment schedule 
  • Your school/college insurance or RPA will cover your COVID cancellation claim 
  • Individual travellers decide to pull out of the trip 
  • You cancel due to restrictions imposed on passengers who do not meet France's vaccination requirements (unless exempt or ineligible at time of departure)   

We believe that all travellers will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in French trips in the future. Though we will provide information on French COVID rules, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that everyone has the vaccinations required to visit France. Sadly, refunds are not available in the event that you are unable to comply with the French vaccination rules in place when you visit.  

✔️ We won't charge you postponement fees

If you have to change your plans because of COVID-19, we promise to waive our amendment fees so that you can postpone your trip for free between 12 weeks and 28 days before departure.

How does it work?

We won’t charge you any postponement fees if you have to delay your trip to a later date due to COVID-19. All we ask is that you let us know between 12 weeks and 28 days before your planned departure and maintain your agreed payment schedule up to the point you have to postpone.

You can start the postponement process if one of the following applies:

  • Quarantine is required for fully vaccinated visitors to France
  • UK arrival rules require all fully vaccinated travellers to quarantine on return
  • Local or national lockdowns in the UK will prevent your departure
  • Local or national restrictions in France will impact the main purpose your trip

The COVID-19 Peace of Mind Promise is in addition to your Standard Booking Terms and Conditions

When can I postpone?

Between 12 weeks and 28 days of departure you are free to postpone your trip to a later date – just contact us by email to start the process. If you choose to postpone your trip more than 12 weeks before your planned departure date, then your booking will be subject to the normal charges and fees set out in our Booking Terms and Conditions for amendments and cancellations. These postponement terms only apply if your booking is affected by COVID-19 and do not apply in the case of disinclination to travel.

Will I be charged administration fees to postpone?

If your trip cannot go ahead because of COVID-19, we will not charge your group any administration fees for changing your departure dates, as long as you request the change within 12 weeks and 28 days of your trip.

Will the price change?

Prices may change if you postpone to a later date. Wherever possible we will keep prices changes to a minimum. However, any postponement will be subject to costs imposed on us by our suppliers, such as ferry companies, in making the change. Groups travelling to our centres by coach are unlikely to experience any significant price changes, while trips involving a flight could see additional costs and charges.

What about my deposit?

Where you postpone a trip booking, we will ensure that all your arrangements are changed to the later date and any money already paid to us will be carried over to your new trip. We will not charge our administration fee to make the new arrangements and we will do all we can to keep your tour price the same.

Travel Insurance including COVID-19 cover now available

We have negotiated new group travel insurance policy which includes COVID-19 cover for any members of your group who test positive or are told to self-isolate before, or during, your stay. If a child tests positive during their trip, the policy also covers emergency travel and accommodation expenses for a parent to travel to Normandy and stay with their child until it is safe for them to return home so that teachers can return to school with the rest of the group. 

Please see your travel insurance requirements in our Booking Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you check what COVID cover is provided by your school insurance/RPA before booking and check out the cover provided by our option travel insurance policy to ensure you are fully covered..


More resources for French school trip organisers

Our COVID-19 Travel Resources will answer all your 'what if' questions

Visit our COVID-19 Travel Resources for all the resources and reassurance you need to plan your return to one of our French centres, including our COVID-19 travel insurance, vaccination requirements, travel advice and enhanced group wellbeing and safety protocols.

Ready to book?

Though the centres are booking up fast with postponed groups from 2020 and 2021, there is still time to reserve your place and have something positive for your students to look forward to. If your school is unsure about authorising your next trip, we recommend that you talk to us to reserve your dates now while you confirm things. 

Still have questions?

If you have any questions or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be very pleased to help.


Please note that this content is subject to change and was last updated on 3 January 2022.