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Halloween time at the chateau

— 24 Oct 2022 10:14:30 by Lilie

Halloween 2018 53

As the days shorten, a mysterious mist falls across the Château's enchanted woodland and the bravest school groups can explore the many ghostly spaces and ghoulish scenes around our 19th century château. 

There's nothing we love more than Halloween, and our animateurs will evoke the spirits of some of the Chateau's previous inhabitants to guarantee a unique and atmospheric stay for your French group.

Last Halloween a spooky crime scene was revealed in the forest of Château de la Baudonniere... Some of the bravest staff managed to cross it to reach the Maison Rouge, but not without some screaming... Hopefully, everybody survived the night (we hope ...).

Are you brave enough to bring your French learners on a spooky school trip to Château de la Baudonniere next Halloween?