Château de la Baudonnière - The French language immersion school centre in Normandy

  • French school centre 1

    Fun and learning!

  • French school centre 2

    Fantastic excursions within easy reach

  • French school centre 3

    Beautiful chateau dating back to 1894

  • French school centre 4

    Breadmaking - always a popular activity!

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    French immersion is serious fun!

  • French school centre 6

    Kayaking in our beautiful lake

Acclaimed one week programme that includes:

  • French language immersion
  • Qualified French-speaking Animateurs
  • Natural beauty and comfort
  • Activities and adventure
  • Excursions and evening programme
  • Great food!
  • Safe and Secure

The premier Chateau destination for U.K. schools in France, as chosen by leading MFL teachers; for teachers who are serious about their pupils learning to speak and understand French in a truly French environment.

French SchoolsThe Château is all about French language immersion. Everything that is done at the Chateau involves using practical spoken French to convey meaning, and the children are encouraged to speak French to get what they want. A friendly, French environment supports this philosophy.

As one of our party leaders said; "The classroom situation is always artificial to some degree. Here my pupils know its for real. If they know that when they want something, they have to ask for it in French, they will do it!" .

At the end of our one week programme of French language immersion, pupils leave having had a great time in a fun but educational environment. You will see a dramatic improvement in their ability, confidence and willingness to speak French, as they come to see for themselves the practical benefits and applications of learning a new language. We believe this experience translates into pupils who are both more able and more motivated back in the classroom. 

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Le Château de la Baudonnière: an alternative to a French exchangePublished in the SATIPS Language Broadsheet"For many years, I organised exchange trips to many different areas of France. The trips lasted between three days and two weeks and I took both boys and girls aged between nine and thirteen. The children were all paired with French children of the same age and interests and were given a real insight into French family life. I organised outings during the day, some of them for the English and French children together, others just for the English children. Each year some of the families decided to continue the exchanges and that first school trip was just the beginning of long and very happy friendships, not just between the children, but also between whole families. At my present school there is no history of French exchanges but the Year 7 pupils have the chance to go to an activity centre in France. As these trips have been heavily subsidised by the sch...

Mr Ian Roberts of Priory School, Banstead

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