Normandy Experience - Learning Language Locally

  • Normandy Experience 1

    We work closely with many excellent accommodation providers to ensure your stay is safe, comfortable and stress-free

  • Normandy Experience 2

    Learning French with our team of native French staff is fun! The assault course is always a big favourite...

  • Normandy Experience 3

    Each centre has something unique to offer, like this one, which benefits from spectacular views over the bay and Le Mont St Michel

  • Normandy Experience 4

    History: medieval and recent

  • Normandy Experience 5

    Our team of staff provides activities, helps you on your excursions and organises evening ents for you and your group

  • Normandy Experience 6

    All of our centres are safe and secure with good quality accommodation

  • Normandy Experience 7

    Normandy beaches, Le Mont St Michel, local markets, Caen and many more visit options

Choose your Excursions:

Normandy is a rich region with great visits – We arrange your visits and our knowledgeable staff come with you.

French is Fun!

The pupils enjoy activities such as Canoeing, archery, fencing, bread making, assault course and climbing while they learn French at the same time.

Comprehensive Resources:

We have 25 French staff in our team in Normandy, all ready to help you in any way they can.

Unbeatable Value:

Given what we provide, we really think that our prices represent excellent value.

Don’t worry:

Even with groups who are complete beginners in French – it works.

Personal Attention:

You will have your own tour manager in France who spends the whole time with you and your group.

French language learning with a difference – and it works!

Dear Education Professional,

I am pleased to have the opportunity to show you how we organise school tours to Normandy. What we do is different and it really does work! I realise how busy most teachers are these days, but I hope that you can find the time to at least browse through these web pages to see for yourself what we are offering.

  • We organise every aspect of your tour and provide a full programme for you in France, leaving you freer to concentrate on loco parentis responsibilities.

  • All of our tours have an activities element built in (e.g. canoeing, climbing, archery) provided by our full time team of French native staff.

  • We have programmes that are especially designed for Primary, Middle, Secondary and Sixth Forms, and for every level of French including complete beginner.

If you have any questions at all, please phone one of our friendly and helpful staff on 01273 202999. We will be happy to help and hope to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Nicolas Goddard, Managing Director

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french teachers

Why teachers rate NE?

Why do teachers rate our tours so highly? French immersion[] You enjoy one or two days at the Château de la Baudonnière,... Read more

bespoke french school trips

Tailor your tour to your personal preferences

We have developed our Normandy Experience tours to provide you with menus of visits, activities and accommodation entirely supported by... Read more

Choose your accommodation

Choose your accommodation

We have been in Normandy for 16 years now with our full time team of  French speaking staff, meaning... Read more

French Language Immersion excursions

Découvrir la richesse de notre culture...

Normandy is a fabulous destination for school trips, and the local excursions cover a broad spectrum of themes. We arrange... Read more

Chateau de la Baudonniere

'French is Fun!' options

On your Normandy Experience tour you will spend either a day, a day and a half, or two days... Read more

Sixth form Normandy programme

Sixth form programme

We’ve found that, for Sixth form students, intensity is the key to success, so working with small groups is... Read more

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Why choose us?

Qualified french native staff.


Le Château de la Baudonnière: an alternative to a French exchangePublished in the SATIPS Language Broadsheet"For many years, I organised exchange trips to many different areas of France. The trips lasted between three days and two weeks and I took both boys and girls aged between nine and thirteen. The children were all paired with French children of the same age and interests and were given a real insight into French family life. I organised outings during the day, some of them for the English and French children together, others just for the English children. Each year some of the families decided to continue the exchanges and that first school trip was just the beginning of long and very happy friendships, not just between the children, but also between whole families. At my present school there is no history of French exchanges but the Year 7 pupils have the chance to go to an activity centre in France. As these trips have been heavily subsidised by the sch...

Mr Ian Roberts of Priory School, Banstead

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