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We can't wait to welcome you and your group to Normandy. Take a look at our essential school travel resources for everything you need to know before you go, so your trip can go off without a hitch.

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You will find the following information and documents useful before your departure to the Chateau. We have provided these to assist in the planning and preparation of your trip.

Travelling post-Brexit

Confused about what travelling to France means now the UK have left the EU?
Read our blog for the essential information.


Letter to parents

Use this customisable letter to announce the trip and get parents on board

  Download file (42 KB doc)

Pre Visit Letter 2

  Download file (26 KB doc)

Organise your trip Word file (1x Word file)

  Download file (118 KB doc)

Pre Visit Letter 3

  Download file (31 KB doc)

EHIC Information

EHIC Information

  Download file (26 KB doc)

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