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Manage my booking

Manage my booking

How to manage your booking

Use the link below to access your booking. To login you will need your booking reference and depature date. If you do not know your login details please call 01273 827333.

Manage your details online

The Château's booking portal puts you in charge and allows you to view your booking and check your travel itinerary, your programme and payment schedule online. Please also use this portal to enter your room requirements, names list, activity groups, and any dietary and medical requirements.

How to view your travel itinerary and programme

To view your travel itinerary, please click on the ‘travel itinerary’ tab at the top of the page. Please bear in mind that our travel itineraries are always subject to changes, so do remember to check them regularly!

Please submit all your details at least 2 weeks before departure 

To submit your group's details just click on the ‘Party Members List’ icon and follow the guidelines as to how to fill in the form.

Please make sure you fill in the entire form (including dorms and activity groups) at least 2 weeks prior to departure.

The UK and French teams will use the details you submit here to manage your group's programme, health and safety throughout your stay and so we are not able to accept any other form of lists.

To access your booking, simply enter your booking reference and departure date via the link below. You can access your booking up to three months prior to your visit. 

Can't find your login details? please call 01273 827333.

Manage my booking

Booking management system

Use the link below to log into our booking management system. If you do not know you login details please call 01273 827333.

Launch booking management system

Ask us anything

Submit an enquiry form and we’ll respond to any question (big or small) as soon as we can.

Ask us anything
Brochure request

Request a brochure

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System requirements


In order to use the booking management system, you will need to have JavaScript enabled and will need one of the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11.x
  • Microsoft Edge 38
  • Chrome 55 minimum
  • Safari 10.0.x

If you do not know what browser you are using you can 'Check my browser here'

If you are having problems accessing the system please call 01273 827333.

If you have any constructive ideas about how to improve this system then also please let us know. We always appreciate your feedback!

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