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Day trips and local visits

Situated in the heart of Normandy, there is a fascinating variety of off-site visits within easy reach of the Château. Cultural and historical excursions are an integral part of our courses and provide considerable learning opportunities.

Through such visits, students can integrate with local people and become a part of the French culture.

Below is a list of  the more popular choices among schools and groups. The list is not exhaustive however, and we will be happy to organise any trip required. Entry fees are not included as they vary annually and with group number.

The Château will supply all additional information and worksheets applicable to a particular visit.

Places of interest


Travelling time

Le Mont St Michel
Visit to the Mont St Michel Free entrance / Parking fee (including shuttle) 57€ per coach Count at least 1/2 day for any of these visits.
Distance - 45 minutes from the chateau + count 30 to 45 minutes to access it from the car park using shuttle (free) or by foot
Guided French/English tour visit of the Abbey Flat rate of 30€ for a group of 35 max (+1 free teacher for 15 students / 8€ per adult supplementary) + 3€ pp for an audioguide / careful, it has to be booked in advance
Night visit with "lights spectacle" Only in July and August / same price as by day / opening time from 7:00 pm to 11:00pm.
Reptilarium (Alligator Bay) in Beauvoir 8.50€/kids under 12 years old ; 10.50€/kids over 12 years old ; 14€/adult ; 1 free adult for 10 kids
Traverse La Baie- crossing the sands to MSM by foot with guide (3-4 hours walk) Seasonal / varies by group size
Tuesday morning market Free entrance / Quiet big traditional market / really good for smaller kids (under 15) Again you need 1/2 day
Distance - 35 minutes from the chateau
The Bell Foundry 6.40€ pp (1 adult free for 10 kids)
Zoo de Champrépus 9.50€/kids under 12 years old / 12.50€/kids over 12years old / 14€ per adult (1 adult free for 10 kids) ; this take place 30 minutes from the chateau and you need to count 2h for the visit
Granville area (www.ville-granville.fr)
Carolles coastal walk and beach Free entrance 1/2 day for any of these places.
Distance - 30 minutes from the Chateau
Jullouville, Friday morning market Free entrance / next to the beach / really good summer market / from May to September
Granville, Saturday morning market Free entrance / next to other shops + visit of the old town, fishing port... also possible. Very good for 6th formers groups. Open all year round
Christion Dior's museum 5€ pp (1 adult free for 20 kids), only open from April to September / small museum with changing exhibition every year / the garden is free to access every day (lovely walk around + really good view on the sea front) / no guided tour possible on this visit
Shopping within the city Free entrance / Combine shopping with a visit to the Old town
Visit the Old town, fishing port, light house and the headland Free entrance
Goat cheese farm La chèvre rit 5.50€ pp with goat cheese taste / last of the guided visit = 2h
L’Abbaye de la Lucerne
3.50€/kids ; 5€/adults (15 person minimum) for a free visit / add 60€ in total to have a guide for the tour 1/2 day - on the way to Granville
Distance 15 km - 20 minutes from the Chateau
St. Hilaire du Harcouët
Wednesday morning market Free entrance  / big traditional market, really good for any groups. 1/2 day - Distance 40 km - 50 minutes from the Chateau
American cemetery in St James Free entrance Distance 15 km - 20 minutes from the Chateau
Avranches (www.ville-avranches.fr)
Saturday morning market Free entrance / more traditional food market / better for older kids / lots of shopping available around Combine two of these for 1/2 day trip.  
Distance 15 km - 20 minutes from the Chateau
Jardin de plantes Free entrance / with access to toilets, game area for smaller kids (under 10) and a lovely view of Mt St Michel
Scriptorial museum 6€ pp (+ 20€ in total to have a guide visit of 1h) / discover the history of Avranches and the Mt St Michel and the script work of the Mt St Michel Abbey
Hypermarket Free entrance
Caramel factory CARA-Meuh in Vains
(20 minutes from Avranches)
2€ pp for the factory only (1h of visit) ; 5€ pp for the factory + the farm (2h30 of visit)
Visit of the cathedral and the public gardens Free entrance You need at least 1/2 day
Distance 40 km - 50 minutes from the Chateau
Thursday morning market Free entrance / Traditional market / better for older kids / shopping in the town centre
Fougères (www.ot-fougeres.fr)
Medieval castle 4€/kids for a free visit / 5€/kids + 15€ for a guided tour / adults free of charge / one of the largest medieval castle in France in the heart of the city / lots of shopping with easy access too 1/2 day (1 hr 20 min)
Distance 40 km - 45 minutes from the Chateau
Thursday and Saturday morning market Free entrance
Shopping in the city Free entrance (Combine the two)
Saint Malo (www.ville-saint-malo.fr & www.bretagne-4villes.com)
Dinan's market (30 minutes from St Malo) Free entrance / big traditional market / really good for any groups 1 day / Distance - 1hr15 minutes from the Chateau
Tour de l'Horloge in Dinan 2€ pp / available from February to September
Intra-Muros of St Malo Fee for coach park tbc. / free entrance / walk on the ramparts / beach available / lots of shopping in town
La ferme marine (Oyster beds and museum) in Cancale (20 from St Malo) 4€ pp / 1 adult free for 8 kids / guided visit of 1h to see the work with oysters
Aquarium in St Malo 9.9€/kids for free visit without the Nautibus ; 11.50€/kids for free visit with Nautibus ; 12.50€/kids for guided visit with Nautibus ; 14€/adults (1 adult free for 10 free)
Sculptured rocks at Rothéneuf (10 minutes from St Malo) Free entrance / amazing creation on the beach to discover
Le Petit Train Marin in Cherrueix (on the way to St Malo, 40 minutes from it) 10€/kids ; 14€/adults / discovering the bay of Mt St Michel in a small train with practical explanation / better for older kids or really good level of french / timetable really tight according to the tide hours...
Train visit of St Malo 4.5€/kids ; 4€/adults (1 adult free for 10 kids) / commented visit in a train of 30 minutes, going around St Malo city / only available from March to October
Cider Museum in Pleudihen (20 minutes from St Malo) 3€/kids (under 15 years old) ; 4.50€/adults ; 1 free adult for 20 kids
Caen area
Sunday morning market Free entrance / available all year / big market with lots of shopping around / better for older kids (over 15) due to localisation (middle of town) 1 day Distance -1hr from the Chateau 
Memorial de Caen 5€/kids under 12 years old ; 7.50€/kids over 12 years old ; 1 adult free for 10 kids ; count a minimum of 1h30 of visit, up to 3h to see everything ; picnic area available and easy to access over there (free entrance)
Abbaye aux Hommes / Femmes Free entrance usually (for small groups)
Pegasus Bridge (15 minutes from Caen town center) Free entrance
Bayeux (www.bayeux-tourism.com)
The Bayeaux Tapestry 5€/kids (free for under 12 years old) / 7.50€/adults (1 adult free for 8 kids) / included to the visit : an audioguide to understand the Tapestry itself, a exhibition room about the period of the Tapestry and a movie available in English to explain the process of the Tapestry 1/2 day rushed 1 day better
Distance 90km - 1hr30minutes from the Chateau
Bayeux's market on Wednesday morning Free entrance / really small traditional market / better for older kids
Villers Bocage market on Wednesday morning (15 minutes from Bayeux) Size of market depends on the season / normally good for all groups
The British WWII Cemetery Free entrance
Bayeux Cathedral Free entrance
Petit train de Bayeux 3.50€/kids (under 12 years old) ; 6€/adults / visit commented of 35 minutes about the city of Bayeux / available from April to October
Chocolate factory Le Drakkar in Bayeux 3.50€/kids (under 12 years old) ; 4€/adults ; 1 adult free for 10 kids / guided visit of 45 minutes in the museum from minimum 20 people
The WW II Museum 5€ pp (free for under 12 years old)
Musée du Debarquement in Arromanches 4€ pp ; 1 adult free for 10 kids / explanation of the construction of the artificial harbour elaboured in Arromanches during the WWII / guided tour except for group under 10 pers 1 day Distance - 2hr from the Chateau
American Cemetery in Colleville Sur Mer Free entrance / access to Omaha Beach as well / small exhibition free of charge on the site as well
Cinema 360 in Arromanches 2€/kids (under 12 years old) ; 3.50€/adults ; 1 adult free for 10 kids / discover the image of the D-day landing with a 20 minutes movie spread on a 360 screen
Normandy beaches, artificial port, Pointe du Hoc etc. Free entrance (lots to see- contact Château for more info)
Musée Omaha Beach in St Laurent sur Mer 2.90€/kids (under 15 years old) ; 3.80€/adults ; 1 adult free for 20 kids
Juno Beach Center Different visits possible changing the price to 4€/kids to 5.5€/kids
Airborne Museum in Ste Mére l'Eglise 5€/kids ; 7.40€/adults (1 adult free for 10 kids) : possible to do a guided visit (+1€ pp)
Caramel Factory in Isigny Sur Mer 2.20€/kids (under 18 years old) ; adults free (add 2.20€ pp to have a caramel sachet included to the visit)
Vire area
Vire's market on Friday morning Free entrance ; small traditional market / lovely town to visit with a bit of shops available Distance - 1hr from the Chateau
Goat cheese farm in Montchamp (La Saffrie, 30 min from Vire) 6€ pp with a taste of the goat cheese farm ; last of the guided visit = 2h
Snail farm in st Georges d'Aunay (40 minutes from Vire) 4.20Ä/kids ; adults free ; available from April to October
Cherbourg area
Cité de la Mer 9.50/kids ; 14.50€/adults ; 1 adult free for 8 kids 1 day Distance - 2hr from the Chateau

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Why choose us for your French school trip to Normandy?

French immersion works

Developed over 20 years, our approach to French teaching creates a truly immersive experience that is shown to improve learning and confidence.

We’re here for you

Our local managers are on hand 24/7 to look after the individual needs of your group and deliver the best experience every time you visit.

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Our French language residentials offer the highest quality instruction and care which is why 8 out of 10 school groups return each year.

Animateurs are “like having another teacher on the trip”

All school group activities are led by our own French-native animateurs who are skilled at encouraging even the most reticent learner to use their French.

Authentic French experiences

As part of the local community, with ties across the region, we offer an authentic French cultural experience during your group's stay.

A French programme to suit your learning objectives

Looking for onsite adventure activities? The chance to experience authentic local culture? Or an escorted tour of Normandy's rich history and landmarks? We have a French trip to suit.