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General Information about procedures at the Chateau in relation to nut allergies
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General Information about procedures at the Chateau in relation to nut allergies

  1. We do not use nut oils or nut products in our kitchen.
  2. We do not use sesame seeds, however we do use sunflower oil as well as olive oil in food preparation.
  3. All pre-prepared foods are vetted by our kitchen staff to verify that they do not contain any form of nut, even flavouring.
  4. We find that there is usually at least one nut allergic child visiting the chateau per week.  We always give a list of dietary requirements to the kitchen. All staff in the kitchen are aware of the dietary forms & follow the procedures of serving those with special dietary needs first. The animateurs who assist in serving in the dining halls, are also aware of these forms & are used to checking if there are special meals prepared.  Salad dressings are always kept apart to add if required. Dietary info is translated so available to all in english and in french.
  5. The bakeries we use warned us that there may be trace elements of nuts in the chocolate of the pain au chocolat & the croissants may be contaminated, as they are prepared in the same location.  Pupils would normally have a choice of bread, pain au lait or brioche, a selection of cereals (cornflakes, rice crispies etc) butter, jam, yoghurts, fruit.
  6. We do not usually have a problem with the bread supplied, we order in baguettes, larger bread sticks and loaves - our suppliers have told us that there is no risk of contamination via nuts or seeds.
  7. We supply butter for all meals, individually wrapped & these can be used or not.  For sandwiches re: picnics on the excursions & departure day we usually use margarine but we can make the sandwiches without if required.
  8. Our packed lunches usually consist of a choice of fillings in 1/2 a baguette of Ham or Cheese salad (tomato & lettuce/cucumber) no dressing. Also, tuna mayo or egg mayo.  We supply plain crisps, fruit and individually wrapped biscuits or cake.  Naturally we can usually adapt any sandwich filling as needed.
  9. We do supply soap in dispensers, there is no mention of nut oils in the ingredients however, it may be best if severely allergic pupils bring their own soap.
  10. We do not encourage anyone to feed our parrot - however the farm animal food may contain seeds, so severely allergic pupils should not participate in our animal feeding activity.
  11. In all activities, whenever we have a child that requires an epipen, we insist that a teacher remains at all times with the group & is responsible to administering the epipen if necessary - our staff are not trained to use epipens & have no knowledge of the symptoms of anaphylactic shock.
  12. The nearest hospital is in Avranches, which is approximately 15 minutes away.

Centre Hospitalier Avranches - Granville

ADRESSE: 849, rue des Menneries - BP 629 - 50 406 Granville Cedex
TÉLÉPHONE: + 33 2 33 91 50 00 - FAX : + 33 2 33 91 50 01


I hope this clarifies all your questions in full - naturally we would welcome all pupils at the chateau and do our best in relation to allergies, however, we cannot eliminate all traces of nuts as we have walnut trees on our property in the vicinity of our camp fire, also children bring quantities of chocolate & sweets which pupils may have contact with.  We no longer have our own tuck shop.

Any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Château Management Team

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