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Its Compétition time!

French school trip

We plan to run regular fun competitions for you to enter on this page.

Current competition

Our latest competition is to name our TWO new super cute  chinchillas  - to enter, just click the 'Enter competition new' button and send us your suggestions. one of the chinchillas  pictured below.

On 30th April the office team will examine and judge all the names and decide on what we like best. 

You can see past winners of  our animal naming competition below.

If the winner has yet to visit the chateau with your school then you can meet your chinchillas and all the other animals when you come out to Normandy on your  French trip.

Good Luck!!!



Enter our compétition!

We have 2 new babies chinchillas and they need names! Click the link below to send us your ideas. Deadline for entries is April 30th 2019.

Enter competition new

Past winners!

Puppies 10 weeks 004

Name our puppies (July 2010)

Oof and Oof Oof
Winner Lula Barker 8yrs
Bedes Prep

IMG 1348

Name our baby guinea pigs (Jan 2012)

Squeak and Fidget
Toby Rose 11yrs
Beacon School

IMG 2349

Name our baby Llama (July 2016)

Sophie Loper 10yrs
Croydon HS


Name our baby Shetland Pony (June 2018)

Winner Bene LeVivray 68yrs
Lolif Secondary

IMG 20140326 00355 ScaleWidthWzkwMF0

Name our chinchillas

This competition closes on April 30th 2019.

baby rabbit ScaleWidthWzkwMF0

Name our baby rabbit (Jan 2016)

Congratulations to Chloe Wilson for her winning suggestion of 'Wilburt'.


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