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Accommodation at the Chateau and getting there

We provide good quality accommodation which comprises en-suite dormitories for pupils.  We try to accommodate teachers in single rooms where possible, however on some occasions we may need teachers to share.

There are special lounges for teachers with tea and coffee, and we provide free wine for teachers with meals. Larger dorms have 2 toilets and 3 showers.  There are games rooms and plenty of indoor spaces for pupils.

Getting there

We will pick you up from school with one of our coaches. Travel is then either via Euro tunnel or the western channel with Brittany Ferries. The Chateau is only one to two hours from the French ports of Cherbourg or Caen.

Smaller groups are shuttled to Portsmouth and then go over as foot pax and then one of our French coaches will pick you up on the French side.

Very small groups of under 20 passengers generally need to get to and from Portsmouth under their own steam. Typically this involves using the school minibus or using a small coach, but some far away groups have used the train service and more local schools sometimes use parents to drop off and collect.


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Accommodation at the Chateau

Pavilion de Normandie accommodation photo

Pavillon de Normandie

This accommodation block comprises 4 dorms of up to 14 pupils. Each dorm is ensuite with a bathroom containing 3 showers, 2 toilets and 5 sinks. There are 3 ensuite teachers rooms which are either double rooms or twins plus one other ensuite bedroom which can either be a teachers room or a dormitory of 6 pupils.

Maison du Verger

Maison du Verger

This building contains 2 identical floors of 3 dorms and 1 teachers room. All the rooms are ensuite with the dormitories of 8/10 pupils bathrooms containing 3 showers, 2 toilets and 3 sinks. The downstairs ensuite teachers room is a double and the upstairs ensuite teachers room is a twin. There is small teachers’ lounge on the landing with tea and coffee facilities.

Ecurie devant school accommodation


This building comprises of 3 dorm rooms for six children, 1 dorm for four children and 1 dorm that sleeps seven children. There are also two single teacher rooms, with a shared bathroom in the attic, and one further room which can be used for either two teachers or three students.

La Menuiserie 5 FillWzk1MCw1ODBd

La Menuiserie

La Menuiserie comprises two dorms downstairs - 1 dorm room which accommodates eight children and another for nine children -  plus an ensuite room for two teachers. Upstairs we have a dorm room which sleeps six children. 


Petite Maison school accommodation

La Petite Maison

This accommodation has 2 ensuite dormitories of 8 pupils and a single ensuite teachers room. It forms part of one large building that also houses La Ecurie and Les Abeilles and is right next to our staff room where the 24hr duty staff normally reside.

Les Abeilles

Les Abeilles

This was part of the traditional farm worker house back in the day and it was where Gerard and his family lived. These days it is an ensuite dormitory for 12 pupils and an ensuite single room for a teacher.

Versailles 2 FillWzk1MCw1ODBd


This forms part of the Pavillion du Normandie building and comprises five rooms, all of which have their own bathroom and toilet. Four of the rooms are teachers rooms with two double rooms, a twin and a single. The fifth room, also ensuite, is either used as a room for teachers or as a dormitory for up to four pupils.

Nivard Gite FillWzk1MCw1ODBd

Nivard Gite

About 5 minutes’ walk from the main Chateau complex is the Nivard Gite which can accommodate a group of up to 23 students and 4 accompanying teachers. Downstairs there is a twin teacher room and two dorms for up to six students. Upstairs there are two dorms sleeping four children, one triple room and a twin teacher room.


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