Information for parents

Information for parents

Welcome to the parents section of our website

In this section designed especially for parents of pupils who are due to visit us with their school, you will find; vocab – useful words and phrase to print and help your child learn before they leave; a mini brochure for you to download (you will need to get Acrobat Reader for this if you haven’t already got it!).

There is a kit list to help you organise the packing and a link so that you can follow the local weather in our patch of Normandie.

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Activities at The Château

Below is a list of activities and outdoor sessions available at the Château. They all provide a perfect situation... Read more

Download mini-brochure

Click on the link below to download the mini-brochure. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer,... Read more

Email your child

To email your child/relative at Château de la Baudonnière, click on the button below and complete the short form. Email... Read more

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Map of the grounds

Here is a map showing some of the activities within the beautiful grounds at Château de la Baudonnière. Read more

Kit list (General)

Before you leave, you'll need to pack your bags. Here is a suggested kit list. We recommend you print... Read more

Clothing requirements for the activities

Some activities at the Château require you to have certain clothing/equipment.  When packing your bags, check this list to make... Read more

the local weather

The local weather

Here are a few useful links to check out the weather at Château de la Baudonnière and the surrounding... Read more

Meet the staff

Our staff are special; they have been carefully chosen for their skills and experience as well as their ability... Read more


Below are some handy words and phrases to learn before your visit. Formules de politesse... Read more


We provide a Chateau pupil workbook for each pupil that is available for you to collect on arrival in... Read more

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Natural beauty and comfort.


We got back from our visit yesterday and would just like to a great big merci to all of you, but especially you for organising everything for us. we had a really lovely time. The chateau is brilliant and the staff so helpful and friendly. Everything was great and even the weather was kind despite the forecast, so thank you so much and I will be recommending it to everyone I can. what a great idea to do total immersion- it s the only way forward. What a lovely company too- really professional but still with a taste of France.

Kathy Beaumont - Ashlyns School

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